Can You Ever Actually Lose Fat Cells Through Weight Loss?



When it comes to weight loss, some of the most common questions are how to reduce weight, what is the perfect diet plan for weight loss, what is the perfect weight loss program, but one of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not fat cells die off when people drop excess pounds. A lot of people feel that once you lose the weight you won't regain it again as the fat cells are dead, while others believe that once you stop the fitness or weight loss journey, you will go back to gaining weight again.

For years, if not decades, we have been told that when we lose weight, we actually lose fat cells. So, is losing fat cells during weight loss a myth or reality? Let’s find out!

What actually happens to fat cells when you lose weight?

Weight loss is a process of reducing the total body mass. It can be achieved by burning more calories than you consume. Fat cells are special cells in your body that store energy in the form of triglycerides. When you eat more calories than you burn, the excess energy is stored in your fat cells. As you lose weight, your body starts to break down these fat cells to use as energy. This means that you will lose weight from all over your body, including your face and stomach.

When people lose weight, they don’t technically lose any fat cells. However, what does happen is that the fat cells shrink in size as the person sheds weight. So although the cells are still there, they take up less space than before. This doesn’t mean that weight loss is impossible – it just means that once you lose weight, those fat cells are not gone for good. 

How does this impact your weight loss goals?

Even though the usual weight loss procedures do not kill the fat cells, there is one way to achieve it - by opting for VLCC Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, body contouring procedure that helps you get rid of unwanted fat cells with the help of fat freezing technology. Most of the time the fat remains stubborn even when you do the right exercise and pick the right diet.

Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these unwanted fat cells. In the weeks to follow after the coolsculpting procedure, your body will naturally process the fat and eliminate these dead cells. The results of VLCC Coolsculpting treatment are long term and the treated fat cells are gone for good!

A single sitting of Coolsculpting at VLCC is all it takes to begin the process of eliminating the stubborn fat from your body. In two weeks you will be able to see the results and in almost two months you will see a difference in your body. Of course, it depends on body to body, so it's important you book an appointment today at your nearest VLCC clinic. Talk to our weight loss and cool sculpting expert, understand the whole process and get a customised plan for your weight loss journey.

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