delicacies. While weight gain is one of the after-effects of Holi celebration, another very common aftermath of the festival of colours is the colour itself. You read it right! The colours on us do make for memorable pictures and a great time together, but getting rid of these colours is a big task. Even if you take all precautions, you’ll still end up getting some gulaal stains on your hair, scalp, nail, body or skin. How to get rid of these colours after the festivities? Read on to find out.

Hair care after Holi

Hair is the toughest part when it comes to Holi colours. When jolly, people tend to rub the colours not just on the hair but also on the scalp, which could be detrimental to your scalp health, as many of these colours are made of chemicals. Therefore, it is important that you do the necessary hair care by deeply cleansing and taking care of your scalp and hair as soon as you can, once the celebrations are over. The easiest way to do that is by visiting a hair care salon near you and getting your hair deep-cleaned. Try VLCC for its different hair care services after Holi and don’t just clean up the colours but also relax and rewind.

Another issue with having colours in your hair that these colours can stain your hair shade. Especially if you have got your hair colour done from a salon. A blonde shade can easily turn into a pink, blue or red after Holi. Hit a VLCC salon after Holi and get your hair colour and hair style sorted! Even better, wait for Holi to change your hairstyle or hair colour so that you don’t have to repeat it again and again. Strut out with a new look after Holi celebrations.

Nail, body and skin care after Holi

Other body parts also take the brunt of chemical colours during Holi festivities such as your nails, your body skin and your facial skin. Even after applying nail polish, Holi colours tend to seep into the sides of our nails and ruin the skin around them. A lot of people get sunburnt or get rashes on their face due to the chemicals present in these colours.

One way to get rid of the colours on these body parts is by using a medicated cream or wash suggested by a dermatologist. Another way is to use natural, home-made methods like lemon juice or potato peels. But the best option is to visit your nearest VLCC centre. Get a relaxing manicure and pedicure done for your nails, get a body massage and cleaning done for your body, and get a deep cleansing facial done for your face. 

VLCC has you covered on all fronts when it comes to getting rid of the colours from your hair, skin and nails after the Holi celebrations. Trust our professionals in providing you a relaxing session with guaranteed results.

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