Is PRP a permanent or one-time solution for hair loss?



Hair forms a big part of one’s looks, and having lustrous locks is something that is desired by many, irrespective of gender. With the advancement in science, doctors can better understand hair regrowth & regeneration, resulting in more advanced treatment options that make hair thick & healthy. One such treatment is the PRP Treatment, which is a three-step treatment that helps you grow new healthy hair. PRP Treatment can work on its own, or it can be combined with other treatments and medications to improve the results. 

How Is PRP Treatment done? 

A completely safe and efficient way of growing hair back or curing baldness, PRP Treatment involves drawing the individual’s blood and putting it in a centrifuge to separate fluids of different densities. After centrifugation, the blood separates into components such as platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma is drawn & injected into areas of the scalp to activate hair growth. The platelets introduced through this process are tiny cells that contain growth factors & natural substances which encourage cellular growth & healing. The treatment can require multiple sessions, and a maintenance session to help maintain the treatment results. This treatment is often done after a hair transplant, to help strengthen and grow the newly transplanted follicles. A highly effective treatment, PRP must be done under the supervision of expert professionals.

The treatment strengthens the hair for the future with long lasting results and also reduces hair thinning. The PRP treatment cost depends upon many things such as the equipment, expertise, and geographical location of the person. Hence, before you try out a PRP Therapy centre, make sure you are researching the expertise of their staff, costs, and testimonials. 

As the individual’s blood is used, there is no risk of communicable diseases through blood from this procedure. A reliable & reputed PRP Treatment centre would ensure that other risks such as an injury during injection, infections, and scar tissue formation are minimized. 

 If you’re on blood thinners, are a heavy smoker, have a history of drug or substance abuse, have a chronic disease, or any other contraindication, you may not be allowed to get this treatment done. When you discuss PRP Therapy with your doctor, make sure you tell them about your medical history & the medications and supplements that you’re on. Hence, to reduce any risks & maximise the benefits, only get the PRP therapy done at reliable and trustworthy PRP Treatment centres such as VLCC that would prioritize your safety. 

Benefits of PRP Treatment at VLCC 

PRP Hair Treatment has several benefits, but getting it done at a reliable place is key to enhancing the results of PRP Therapy. PRP Hair Treatment at VLCC augments an increase in the Volume of hair. The treatment provides at least 8 growth factors that will over a period continually rejuvenate the hair. The procedure is a lunchtime procedure with no downtime, which means that you needn’t worry about fitting it into your schedule, making it hassle-free & convenient. The experts at VLCC thoroughly understand your requirements and suggest treatments accordingly. The PRP Treatment cost can be determined after consulting the VLCC Experts, so make sure that you book your appointment or walk into the VLCC Centres for a consultation. 

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