Saptaguna Therapy - How it can Fend Off Emerging “Omicron” Variant of COVID-19?



WHO has identified the COVID-19 Omicron variation as a variant of concern, based on facts that it contains numerous mutations that could affect how it acts. In places with established community transmission, there is strong proof that Omicron spreads much quicker than Delta, with a doubling period of 2-3 days. The overall danger associated with this new variant is still extremely high. Hence, it is necessary to take the required precautions to stay away from catching the virus.

 Even if you have contracted this virus or are recovering from it, it is still essential that you take adequate care of yourself to return to a healthy lifestyle. Though following the medications provided by your doctor is necessary to combat this dangerous disease, you can also use preventive Ayurveda therapies such as 'Saptaguna' to help you boost your immune system & avoid long term damages that are significant to the variant. This therapy is exclusively provided by VLCC, a reputable and well-known company. Continue reading for more information.

Saptaguna Therapy by VLCC 

Saptaguna therapy aids in the strengthening of our bodies' defenses against the new variant of COVID-19- "Omicron."  It's a high-end therapy that boosts our bodies' ability to heal itself by stimulating certain spots specified in Ayurvedic scriptures and immersed in ancient Chinese acupressure maps. Saptaguna ensures the body gets rid of residual toxins that may accumulate over a period of time post severe illnesses and virus infections.

The therapy works by concentrating on the seven points of the body that define our physical, mental and internal health. These points are mapped along the cranium (head), face and neck, and on the lower body. Also, there are 7 chakras, which are energy centers that regulate the transmission of vital energy via our bodies, with harmonizing being at the core of ancient healing medicine.

This 90-minute session activates these seven spots systematically and softly using specialized oils and an antioxidant-rich powder mix. At the end of the therapy, the liver, which is our body's detoxifying factory, is cleansed, stimulated, and maintained in good functioning order.

In addition to the following seven important benefits, this therapy is paired with yoga, physical activities, relaxation, breathing methods, healthy nutrition, and hydration.

  • Immunity boosting
  • Detoxification
  • Enhancing energy
  • Skin polishing
  • Pain relief
  • Body shaping
  • Weight loss

This treatment helps you become healthier and more prepared to battle Omicron. As a result, if you want to increase your energy and immunity, you can do so. It also aids in losing weight and gives relief from bodily aches and pains. You can get this treatment done by specialists at any VLCC wellness center near you. In addition, you can reach the VLCC experts with any health-related questions.

Last Few Words

Because of so many health issues, developing a strong immune system has become important. As a result, eating well and staying active should be part of our daily routines. However, Ayurveda can greatly aid in improving your immunity to combat COVID-19. It has no adverse effects, and you can combine Ayurvedic therapies such as “Saptaguna” with recommended medications from your doctor. This therapy can aid in body contouring and detoxification in addition to enhancing immune health. The experts of VLCC’s experienced team ensures that you see positive results in every session. Furthermore, this therapy is safe for both you and your children and delivers excellent outcomes. You can make an appointment at your nearest VLCC Wellness Center by getting in touch through calls, emails, and the official website.

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