Top 3 Tips for Quick Covid Recovery – Special Role of Ayurvedic Therapy



Covid-19 Pandemic has made the society realize that health is indeed wealth. The importance of being optimally fit, healthy, and having a robust immunity has become even more evident in the face of this global pandemic SARS-CoV-2. It has become extremely important to properly take care of ourselves in order to stay away from the deadly virus, including the omicron variant. It takes 2 to 3 weeks (for mild cases) and around a month (for patients with severe infections) to fully recover.

Even after you've recovered, you must continue to look after your body. It's difficult to say how long the antibodies will aid in protecting the recovered patients from catching the virus again because it's an unknown terrain even for medical practitioners around the world. While prescription medications are required to cure the infection, some Ayurvedic remedies can help one feel better and strengthen the body against the microbe. You can undergo Ayurvedic Therapies offered by trusted and reliable brands like VLCC. In this write-up, we’ve included the top 3 tips for quick recovery from COVID-19.

Tips for quick recovery from COVID-19 

The impact of COVID can be minimized by following certain tips to regulate protection. Read further to know the best tips that may help make your immunity strong to fight this deadly virus.

  • Pranayama-

People recovering from Coronavirus have been told time and time again how importantbreathing exercises are. Post-COVID, breathing exercises can assist in strengthening the respiratory system. Begin with moderate pranayama such as Anulom vilom, breath retention, Bhramari, and reciting Om. However, avoid Kapalbharti as it is a strong pranayama that puts too much strain on the respiratory system. Always exercise after consulting your doctor, and make sure that you are monitoring the oxygen levels during exercising. It’s important that you don’t strain yourself.

  • Drink Hot Water-

Drinking hot water regularly can contribute to the covid recovery. You can add some turmeric and salt to the water to gargle twice a day. Doing this removes inflammatory fluids from your mouth and aids in the relief of any painful infection. Also, the saltwater clears the throat of mucous, irritants, and various fungus.

  • Follow Ayurveda Diet-

Avoid fried and spicy meals while following an Ayurvedic diet customized to your Prakriti. To further strengthen the immune system and minimize inflammation, cook with herbs and spices like Turmeric and Black pepper.

These are the three tips you can follow for fast recovery from COVID. Apart from this, you can also undergo certain Ayurvedic therapies post-recovery to make your immune system stronger. Read further to know which therapy is best to boost your immunity.

Abhyangam Therapy by VLCC

Abhyangam is a one-of-a-kind therapy offered by VLCC that involves the generous application of ayurveda prescribed oil with soft and gentle strokes, followed by a steam bath (swedanam). This full-body massage aids in the delivery of nutrients to deprived cells as well as the elimination of stagnant waste.

Warm herbal oils are used to nourish and revive the tissues while also allowing toxins to be removed from the body. Long strokes, flowing movements, and Marma point therapy characterize Abhyanga, which heightens consciousness to direct the body's inherent healing system.

This treatment creates a deep healing impact by bringing the body, mind, and soul into natural balance. Moreover, Abhyangam stimulates the appetite, promotes restful sleep, decreases stress, and strengthens the immune system. It also Improves blood circulation, slows the aging process, and lowers Vata.

Apart from Abhyangam therapy, Saptaguna therapy is also beneficial in boosting the immune system.

Last Few Words

With the increasing impact of COVID, it is essential to take precautions and follow a healthy lifestyle to tackle it. Though prescribed medication is most important for covid recovery, Ayurvedic therapies by VLCC contribute in effectively allowing our organs to harmonize, rejuvenate and revive to keep one healthy with optimum wellness. You can undergo these therapies post your covid recovery to boost your immunity and overall health. Apart from this, you can also take assistance from their professional team regarding your health concerns. To get a suitable therapy done by VLCC experts, you can visit one of your nearest VLCC Wellness Centers.

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