What precautions should I take to fight with Omicron?



According to WHO, the Omicron variant of COVID-19 contains mutations that may affect its behavior. It was named a variant of concern due to the evidence that these mutations could lead to serious health consequences. Across countries with documented community transmission, Omicron appears to be spreading much faster than Delta. Its doubling time is 2-3 days. As a result, it is still thought to pose a very high level of risk.

Therefore, it is very important that people get the vaccine, whenever it is available, and follow existing recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus. These include physical separation, wearing masks, washing their hands frequently, and ventilating their homes. Also, it is important to eat healthy foods to maintain good immune health. However, you can also go for ayurvedic therapies that are effective and can improve your immunity within a few sessions. But ensure to choose the trusted and reliable professionals like VLCC to get better results.

In this write-up, we’ve included what precautions you must take to fight the “Omicron” variant of COVID-19. Apart from this, we’ve also added how you can build a strong immune system to avoid contracting infections and viruses. But before discussing the precautions to be taken, one must know the symptoms of Omicron. Read further for more details.

What are the Symptoms of COVID-19’s Omicron Variant?

Symptoms for the novel COVID Variant "Omicron" are divided into three categories- common, less common, and severe symptoms.

  • Fever, cough, tiredness, taste, and smell loss are the most common symptoms of the COVID Variant "Omicron."
  • In addition to the symptoms listed above, the new COVID Variant "Omicron" may cause your burning sensation to the eye, discoloration of fingers and toes, headache, and sore throat.
  • Serious symptoms associated with the COVID Variant "Omicron" include shortness of breath, trouble speaking, loss of mobility, confusion, or chest pain.

 To keep yourself fit and healthy, you must eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and keep your body hydrated. Let us now discuss what precautions you must take to fend off the Omicron variant.

Follow These Precautions to Avoid Omicron Variant of COVID-19

  • You should wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Whenever you wear or remove your mask, make sure your hands are clean.
  • Ensure that you keep a physical distance of at least 1 meter between yourself and others.
  • Whenever possible, avoid crowded areas and poorly ventilated areas.
  • Make your home more ventilated by opening windows.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene. 
  • Get vaccinated when the time comes. The COVID-19 vaccine is proven safe and effective by the World Health Organization.

Taking the precautions listed above can protect you and your dear ones from the Omicron variant of COVID-19. However, you must eat healthy foods to boost your immunityto lead a healthy life. Also, some ayurvedic therapies can help enhance your immune health naturally. Moreover, ensure to get these therapies done by reliable and trusted professionals like VLCC to get better results and avoid any side effects. Continue reading to know more.

Ayurvedic Therapies Offered by VLCC to Boost Immunity

  1. Immuno Boost Therapy

VLCC Immuno Booster Therapy is a holistic treatment that boosts immunity and physical wellbeing by activating the body's self-healing abilities. The therapy employs a three-session healing process to improve both inner and outer health. Below are the benefits of Immuno Boost Therapy.

  • Improves Gut Health
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Detoxification
  • Enhances sleeping patterns
  • Provides physical and mental relaxation
  • Promotes weight loss
  1. Saptaguna Therapy

Saptaguna therapy contributes to the enhancement of our bodies' mechanisms against the new COVID-19 "Omicron". It's a high-end remedy that boosts our bodies' ability to heal itself through stimulation of certain spots outlined in Ayurvedic scriptures and embedded in Chinese acupressure maps. The benefits of Saptaguna Therapy are listed below.

  • Immunity boosting
  • Body shaping
  • Enhancing energy
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Skin polishing
  • Pain relief
  1. Abhyangam Therapy

VLCC's Abhyangam therapy is one of the unique treatments that entails the careful application of the suggested oil with relaxing strokes, followed by a steam bath (swedanam). This comprehensive massage promotes the delivery of essential nutrients to starved cells as well as the removal of contaminants. Listed below are the benefits of this therapy.

  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Decreases stress
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Slows the aging process
  • Lowers Vata.

Last Few Words

In order to fight the harmful COVID variant- Omicron, one must build a strong immune system by taking proper nutrients. What we consume reflects on our health. Hence, make sure to eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and be active. Along with a healthy diet, you can combine ayurvedic therapies to boost your immune health. However, ensure to get suitable ayurvedic therapy by a reliable professional like VLCC to get better results. You can visit any of your nearest VLCC Wellness Center or take an appointment via call if you wish to get the ayurvedic services offered by them.

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