Which is the best hair-building fiber to use for baldness?



Hair Building fibers are cosmetic products that help conceal the appearance of thinning hair. These fibers are usually made up of Keratin and stick to the person’s hair for a fuller & lustrous appearance. However, there need to be hair strands that the hair building fibers can attach themselves to, hence it’s only suitable for areas that do have some hair and need minor fixes with the help of such products. Once the hair is shampooed & washed, the hair building fibers get washed out, requiring re-application. 

As it is a temporary solution, it is often done in conjugation with other methods of hair growth & regeneration. Hair Transplant is one such treatment that helps alleviate the hair thinning & bald spots effectively, and as the new hair takes some time to grow healthy and strong, hair-building fibers may be used to help you look your best till the results of hair transplant showup. 

Hair Transplant 

Hair Transplant is a hair restoration technique that helps people regrow hair on spots that have scarce hair growth & bald spots. Hair Transplant can be done with two techniques – 

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 

Both techniques have a few key differences, but they are known to be effective and provide good results. 

If you go for Build Hair Transplant, which VLCC offers, it has a range of benefits. The graft size excised during this procedure is very small, resulting in minimal scarring. The surgery doesn’t require any stitches, hence you don’t need to worry about any suturing due to a Hair Transplant. 

Hair Build Transplant is a slightly less invasive hair transplant making the recovery time faster. 

Hair transplant cost is something that worries a lot of people and is often the reason that they don’t consult for a hair transplant. However, with the option of paying monthly, it is possible to make this advanced treatment affordable for you. The long-term effects of this treatment make it worth the price, andpaying monthly instead of lump-some hair transplant cost in India ensures that you needn’t worry about causing an imbalance to your finances. 

Hair Transplant at VLCC 

VLCC offers three hair transplant methods under one roof, so you needn’t visit any international or expensive brands to get your treatment done. Classic, Implanter, and Saphire Micro FUE are available at VLCC, and which one you should go for can be determined during a consultation with the VLCC experts. 

The benefits of getting your Hair Transplant done at VLCC include – 

  • No pain, more gain 
  • Fuller hair that’s thicker 
  • A boost in your self-confidence
  • Minimal scarring 
  • Quick recovery time 

VLCC offers best Hair transplant in India that prioritizes your health & aesthetics. At VLCC, your satisfaction, desired results, value-for-money treatments, and best-in-class treatments are prioritized which ensure that you get guaranteed 4th generation hair transplant, with guaranteed depth, direction, density. Book your appointment with VLCC experts today to know more about the best treatment for your requirements. 

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