VLCC brings revolutionary body contouring solution to India

Weight management has traditionally focused on delivering weight-loss, body shaping as a whole, spot reduction of problem areas, and skin firming and tightening, all specialized services, generally delivered separately. VLCC has now combined all these benefits into one holistic service, the Curve Expert Therapy. With Curve Expert Therapy, you can expect a highly intensive and comprehensive body shaping service that works on the stored fat and cellulite, resulting in a smooth and sculpted body contour.

Prior to the therapy, clients first meet with an experienced consultant for a body composition analysis (BCA) where they will be advised a customized diet and exercise regime and weight-loss program best suited to them. The therapy delivers results that can be maintained if complimented by suitable modifications to dietary, lifestyle and activity patterns.

The sessions result in deep cleansing and purging of toxins, releasing water retention, reinforcing firming and sculpting action, elevating metabolism, restoring skin softness and suppleness by targeting early and stubborn cellulite. 

Thus this therapy not only helps people who are overweight, obese or want spot reduction or are at a weight-loss plateau but is also especially good for young mothers just after delivery, and for those with water retention, and loose, dehydrated dull-looking skin.

Curve Expert therapy is exclusive to VLCC. It uses highly purified natural extracts in the form of sea salt with mineral spectrum of numerous trace minerals and electrolytes, gels and power dose serums that have more than 20 naturally occurring ingredients like Ivy , Butcher Broom extracts, Carnitine, Algae extract, Ginseng, Allantoin, etc.

This all-natural extract blend is combined with the sophisticated modern technology of Ultracavitation which helps in the breaking down complex fat and making it easy to burn when exercising, thus enhancing the weight-loss.This unique combination service is delivered by trained and experienced therapists who are extra sensitive to the unique needs of every client.
We believe this will revolutionize the way our clients experience the wellness benefits as endorsed by thousands who have already done so.
  • A Complete Body Contouring System
  • Slims and Sculpts your body.
  • Smoothens Skin, reduces appearance of cellulite.
  • Alleviates water retention, purges body toxins.
  • Restores firmness to your body
  • Weight Loss upto 500gms
  • Spot Reduction 4 to 6 cm
  • Full Body Cm Loss 10 to 15 cms
*Results May Vary

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