Ericson Range Of Facial

Ericson Range Of Facial

From Medical Field to Beauty Therapy

Professor ERICSON, A Former pupil of Alexis Carrel was a distinguished biologist specialized in aging problems. He was one of the very first scientists in France to use Celltherapy. This clinical method of Swizz origin uses the action of cellular extracts for treating skin problems. Celltherapy is renowned high standard therapy known world-wide. ERICSON LABORATOIRE integrates this clinical approach with the concept of beauty using the latest technology and discoveries
Intelligent Bio-tech enzymes, highly polymerized DNA, phytohormonal skin care and anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients form the core of this range of facial treatments. A complete Dual- external/ internal approach.

French Scientific Research In The World Of Beauty ERICSON LABORATOIRE Exclusively With VLCC.

These facial treatments are the result of the scientific expertise based on the knowledge and thorough understanding of various physiological problems that alter the Beauty of our Face by affecting our skin. These problems include fatigue due to aging, hormonal imbalance, sagging facial contours, asphyxiated skin, etc.

Skincare and beauty has always been fundamentally connected to women. With digitalization and evolution, unquestionably women have evolved and their expectations and needs have changed. This evolution of the new lady consumers has increased the need for customized and advanced skin care solutions, irrespective of what country they are living in.

The evolved lady consumer is weary of basic skin care and simple cosmetics. She is now looking for customized skin care giving obvious results, particularly in case of problem skins.

The Promise- Scientific, Dermatology Inspired

The Incremental consumption of advanced dermatology driven skin care treatments like Botox, collagen injections, surgical face-lift, etc and the opening up of the medical skin care shows the arrival of new methods that women want to benefit from. Hence, the discerning beauty consumer today, wants high-tech facial treatments that guarantee results that are fast and visible.

Age Reversal is The Biggest Need

Age limits have indeed changed. Due to changes in our environment and level of pollution increasing by the day, visible skin ageing happens much earlier than before. Women irrespective of age, often demonstrate surprisingly high levels of energy, however their skin is subjected to its regular metabolic alterations and changes due to ageing. Ericson offers skin care specifically suited to meet these needs

Social Evolution

Social pressure associated with beauty and image is growing stronger. With women playing an active role in today's society, the image they carry is of vital importance. They have taken an important place in the corporate world and hence the need to pay attention to their own persona and the image they portray at their workplace has gained a lot of importance. This is the precise reason why the modern evolved women, wants to take care of her skin & beauty, hence scouting for treatments that promise visible results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-therapy is mainly a technical concept developed on scientifically and promises its clients complete safety. Each and every facial treatment has a scientific explanation and has a result oriented approach, rather than the traditional problem-solution approach.

The therapeutic approach taken in this line of facial treatments by Ericson laboratoire allows to tackle all skin problems successfully. This line of facial rituals is good for all skin types. Every facial treatment is driven to meet end results-client expectations and is very visible from the first session onwards. The results achieved after the complete treatment (4-5 sessions) are quite obvious and highly satisfactory.

  • Facial Contouring (Loose sagging skin on the chin)
  • Dull and dehydrated Skin
  • Skin Energy Deficiency
  • Superficial Wrinkles
  • Fine line
  • Small Scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Excessive Seborrhea