Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Androgenetic alopecia in the 21st century is a growing concern in men and women both resulting in considerable hair loss and men can go eventually bald completely. We at VLCC Hair Build division have done extensive research with our 32 years + rich experience in Aesthetics to understand the root cause of Hair-loss and possible hair loss treatment to it. Meet us for an extensive in-depth consultation to understand your concern, ways to resolve it & with holistic expectation alignment.

FUE or FUT: Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Technique

When it comes to hair transplants, there are two pioneering techniques that are most commonly performed: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both are incredibly effective hair restoration techniques, with a few key differences.

Benefits of Hair Build Hair Transplant method’s: The key benefit of Hair build Hair Transplant treatment is that it results in minimal scarring, as the individual grafts that are excised during the procedure are very small. If you wear your hair shaved or very short, FUE only leaves tiny, dot-like scars that are barely noticeable. The surgery doesn’t require stitches that will need to be removed either, which is a bonus.

Hair build Hair Transplant is also a slightly less invasive surgery, which means the recovery time is often faster, so you can get back to your daily life from the very next day onwards and we call it a post-lunch procedure.

Making Hair Transplants More Affordable with Pay Monthly Options: A Hair build Hair Transplant is a lifelong investment, which means that for the majority of clients, it’s worth paying @ Indian price. However, some people are put off by the initial cost, which we have made it easy to afford as VLCC is a value based brand for all of us in India. Some of us may be tempted to go for a cheap hair transplant, enticed by its low cost, not realizing the risks associated with cut-price surgery.

New You: Reasons Why You Should Get a Hair Transplant done with VLCC Hair Build:

2021 is a time that many of us start thinking of ways we can start improving our lives over the coming months' post-pandemic. So, if you have been struggling with hair loss, it’s time to take action and go to the nearby saloon VLCC– here’s why a hair transplant should be on your list for 2021. Hair transplants are a permanent solution to hair loss, If you have tried and tested every possible treatment for your hair loss and been disappointed with the results, it may be time to consider a Hair Build Hair transplant. It’s a permanent solution, meaning that for the majority of people, just one surgery will be enough to restore their hair back to its former glory.  Hair Build Hair transplant will build self-esteem with the most natural-looking appearances which are also extremely cost-effective with us.

Classic, Implanter, Sapphire micro FUE all under one roof now from the house of VLCC.

VLCC Hair build has brought all the three methods of Hair transplant under one roof with Indian prices, hence now no more worries or need to visit International brands and loosen up your purse strings.

Hair Transplantation Results!!

With the recent developments in hair transplantation techniques, today, procedures are more successful than in the past. Demand for hair transplantation operations led to a great development for hair transplantation technologies. As a result of that, VLCC Hair builds always provides you with the most advanced, state-of-art technologies for your medical procedures. Considering hair transplantation procedures, the definition of success comes down to the results. To us, there are two important determiners for the success of the operation; the first is your health, and the second is your look. We always give great importance to your health as well as the aesthetic results.

The super six features of VLCC Hair Build Hair Transplant

a. No pain, more gain

b. Fuller thicker hair

c. Boosted confidence

d. Little or no scarring

e. After office post lunch procedure

f. Faster recovery with no down time

The VLCC Guarantee …..

A VLCC guarantee is guaranteed satisfaction, guaranteed results, guaranteed value for money, guaranteed latest 4th generation hair transplant, guaranteed depth, direction, density.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The success of the hair transplant treatment depends on a lot of factors which include the client & the surgeon both, the client's scalp & graft quality & the surgeon, and on the technician's abilities. The graft quality and adequate availability is the key factor on the success ratio of the hair transplant. Also, the implanting technique plays a vital role in graft survival.

Usually transplanted hair survives for a lifetime as it behaves like any other hair follicles if not suffering from the following contra indications post-transplant like alopecia aerate, totalis, Universalis, tinea cpitis, psoriasis, multiple organ failure, undergoing chemotherapy, the suffering of cancer, head injuries, etc.

Hair transplant is a permanent hair loss treatmentfor bald areas where hair- bearing tissues are relocated from the occipital zone to the recipient areas with various techniques ensuring the hair-bearing tissues are safe, avoiding shock and trauma.

Hair transplant surgery cost depends on the number of grafts or follicles to be transplanted, the technique of implanting method used, which country you are planning to undergo the procedure & the surgeon's success status, and social image. In India, it may cost somewhere between 75000 to 3 lacs depending on the center also where it needs to be performed.

Any individual who is fit and fine aged between 20 to 60 can undergo hair transplants. In fact, there are also individuals in their 70’s have undergone hair transplant that are absolutely fit and maintaining a good physical attribute.

Natural look post hair transplant completely depends on the IQ and experience of the surgeon, generally, the surgeon should have artistic hands to do natural implants of the hair-bearing tissues extracted from the donor area. The natural look depends on the angular transplants, depth & density of the implants.

Generally, a hair transplant is not as painful as it’s performed under local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia blogs are delivered to the scalp the scalp becomes numb with no sensation hence the procedure is performed smoothly throughout for long hours.

The formation of scars completely depends on the tools and needles used for hair transplant, it’s quite obvious if a bigger size tool is used it will lead to scar as the healing process of bigger incisions cannot heal up the complete wound caused, hence specialized tools should be used to perform the procedure to avoid scars.

Thinning of transplanted hair happens over a period of time once we grow older and the other hairs of the scalp also turn thinner post a certain age

Transplanted hairs generally don’t fall once grown back post-transplant as it carries the same properties of the hair follicles which are residing at the back of the scalp which is immune to DHT hormones.