Slimsonic is the only aesthetic system to incorporate a revolutionary CORE TM technology, a multiple frequency channeling combined with Vacuum Therapy that delivers phenomenal results.
It's FDA and CE approved which involves usage of two high end technologies – multiple channel radiofrequency and vacuum therapy to achieve weight loss, body shaping and skin tightening when accompanied with suitable dietary modifications and activity patterns. Additionally the bipolar energy assists in providing benefits of body contouring, skin lifting and cellulite reduction. The radio frequency technology results in realignment and building up of new collagen fibers. The integrated vacuum therapy feature works with the RF power to increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage, stimulate metabolism to shrink fat chambers and break collagen cross links.
It also offers other benefits like body contouring (face and body) and skin tightening for lax, sagging skin and reduction of stretch marks. In addition, superficial acne scarring and enlarged pores may also show improvement by building new collagen in the dermal area of the face.
The multiple RF frequencies offer superior treatment control by penetrating different layers of the skin and reaching up to fat layer where it targets cellulite pockets on various areas of the body.

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