Lack of wellness is forcing people to not live upto their full potential, creating a major roadblock in leading a healthy lifestyle. The main culprit behind lack of wellness is obesity, and VLCC is on a mission to help you overcome it and live a fulfilling life.

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Fatigue, indigestion, high blood pressure – all of these issues usually stem from being overweight.

Take a pledge today to get strong control over your wellness markers, the first step of which is bringing your weight in the healthy range. Initiate your wellness journey with a FREE session at VLCC and walk out with boosted self-confidence.


Lose Some,
Gain A Lot

VLCC’s end goal is much larger than just reducing your weight. By helping you get a head-start of losing 2 inches in just 30 minutes, we make the initial steps easy, accommodating and inspiring you enough to continue keeping your weight under control through various wellness initiatives that come later.

It’s a mission that is committed to bringing a nationwide change, helping Indians lead a much more fulfilling life. Join the #StopUnderliving revolution today, and start your own journey towards a fitter, better life.

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*T&C Apply:

Inches reduction of upto 2 Inches in 30 minutes may vary from person to person. Initial assessment is required at the VLCC center.